Proposed New Loans

Prestige Loan

  • Member must plough back the entire amount of his/her dividends and interest on deposits until the loan is fully cleared.
  • Member shall be entitled to a maximum of four (4) times of his/her deposits.
  • There shall be no need of writing letters to Credit Committee requesting for four (4) times multiplier.
  • The loan repayment period shall be 72 months.
  • Interest of 1.25% per month on reducing balance.

Top – Up Loan

  • All loan facilities can be topped-up.
  • The member should have repaid the loan for at least three months.
  • This facility shall be disbursed subject to availability of funds.
  • 1.25% interest per month on reducing balance
    The sinking fund fee shall be levied @ 1.25% of the amount granted
  • Repayable up to a maximum of 60 months. However, topped up School fees and Emergency loans shall be repaid in 24 months.

Instant Loan

  • No waiting period
  • 10% interest per month on reducing balance
  • Repayment period of 3 months
  • Maximum of Kshs. 100,000.00
  • Must save at least Kshs. 1,000 per month towards Super Savings