How to Join


A person shall be eligible for membership on possession of all the following qualifications:
Should be an employee of a Christian Evangelical organization.
The prospective unit must have at least six or more employees willing to join as members. The organization shall be required to forward a letter of commitment to effect the check off system and awareness to pay from the terminal benefit and dues owed to the Society in the event of termination of employment.
Is not less than eighteen years of age
Is of good character
Is a resident within the society’s area of operation
Is willing to abide by the By-laws of the Society

Unit Affiliation

The following information should be forwarded when applying for unit affiliation:
Application/introduction letter. Explain your interest to join, a brief history about the organization e.g. what it does, how it is Christian affiliated etc.
Attach a copy of your last audited accounts
A copy of Certificate of Registration
A copy of Mission/ Faith statement
A list of at least (6) six permanently employed interested would be members showing their designation and signatures for commitment.